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No, you don't need a partner to learn to dance. At Arthur Murray, you can learn to dance on your own or with someone special. Whether you are a single, couple, or have a partner that isn’t interested in learning to dance, you are welcome to join us and learn. We have a great community of dancers and a welcoming environment that includes all types and ages of people.

While our instructors dress in business attire, our students wear a variety of things: anything from jeans and a t-shirt, to work attire, to getting all dressed up for a night out of dancing. For shoes, just make sure you wear something that won’t slip off your feet while dancing. Ballroom dancing shoes are not required.

It totally depends on how quickly you learn, how good you’d like to become, and how many dances you’d like to learn. Just to learn a few basics only takes a handful of lessons. To be comfortable dancing to any music with any partner, that takes about 6 months to a year. After your first lesson, your instructor will be able to recommend the quickest way to get to your dancing goals.

We teach everything you can do with a partner! Ballroom dancing encompasses all styles of partner dance including, but not limited to traditional ballroom like the waltz and tango as well as latin, swing, country western, and many other styles. Visit our Dances We Teach page to learn more.

Your first visit to the school gives you a chance to check out the studio facilities, experience how we teach, and make sure that it's an atmosphere you feel comfortable learning to dance in. It's also a chance for your instructors to see how you learn and make recommendations to give you the best service possible. Even if you've never danced before, you'll be dancing on your very first lesson.

While there are a few dances we recommend learning after you’re more acquainted with the basics, MOST styles of dance are actually very simple to learn. Your instructor will be able to recommend the best dances to learn based on what events you might have coming up as well as the style of music you enjoy. Feel free to check out the Dances We Teach page for more info.

Absolutely! Arthur Murray has a fool-proof method developed over 100 years that can truly teach ANYONE to learn to dance. Even if you have two left feet and no rhythm, you CAN learn to dance. The hardest step is the first one through the door. Just show up and we’ll take care of the rest!

Yes! Ballroom dancing is a great skill to learn at a young age. It helps to learn coordination, manners, and socialization. We do recommend that they start ballroom dancing once they reach age 5.

Yes! Ballroom dancing is great exercise. Whether you are looking to lose weight, stay fit, or rehabilitate, dancing is a great low-impact exercise. It’s also one of the only physical exercises that’s proven to help stave off degenerative diseases like alzheimer's and dementia. Whatever your health goals, dancing can help.

While our programs start at around $500, all of our programs can be customized to fit any budget and schedule. Your New Student Director can easily design a personalized plan to fit your needs. Wanna try us out? The first class is only $40!

The first step is to schedule an introductory lesson. Your instructor will be able to determine your current level, make recommendations based on your goals, and show you how to get the most out of your experience with the studio. Sign up for your introductory lesson today. The first class is only $40!

Arthur Murray instructors are the best teachers in their field. Not only do they undergo a rigorous training and certification program, but are consistently trained in the best teaching practices, dance techniques, and dance trends to give you the best instruction and experience possible. Our layered system of teaching is second to none and makes it easy for you to get on the dance floor, fast, and look good while doing it.

Pretty much everything. Partnered dancing can be done to Big Band, Latin, 80’s, Top 40, Classic Rock ‘N Roll, Bossa Nova, Motown, Disco, Country Western, etc. If there is a beat, you can learn to dance to it! Check out our Dances We Teach page for more info.

New Students

What to expect on your first lesson

After answering a few questions about your goals, aspirations, and the look and feel you’d like to have, you'll be guided through a few basics by one of our highly-trained instructors.

You'll start to learn to dance on your very first lesson, and leave with a plan of action for the next few sessions.

At Arthur Murray, we've developed a fool-proof method to help you learn to dance the quickest way possible and achieve your goals.

Start dancing today!

$40 for Singles | $80 for Couples

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The hardest step you'll ever learn is the first one through our door.

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